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YuasaAccu-Tap IIATS-004117985N/A •No•
KiraLeadscrew Tapping MachineKTV-1451903$1400 •No•
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-- ----------
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BirdsellSpot Welder130-T5197 •Yes
  "        220v 13" deep throat, foot operated standing**$450
Ets Louis MelzassardSpot Welder**
  "        220v 12" deep throat, foot operated standing**$450 •No•
HobartMega-Mig 300 RVS WelderRC-300RVS83WS12887
  "        220/440v 3 phase w/ Benard chart & bonus boom crane2300 (crane)*$850 •No•
Miller450 Amp. Mig WelderMP-45EHH024342
  "        220/440v 3 phase w/cart**$1200 •Yes
Air MaidHanging Air Cleaner 110vA1300-AM0226$250 •No•
Hydro bar feed tube6 in 1 tube, rotary style w/stands, hydraulic pump & tankN/AN/A$2500 •No•
TsudakomaSetup pallet changer ••Manual••PCH-40x60SNPH81059
  "        2 pallets 24x16 and receiver for machine**$2750 •No•
Warner & Swasey 3Turret Lathe518369
  "        480v 20" 4 jaw chuck, 4.60 spindle hole**$4750 •No•
EnerPac10,000psi. pumpPEM5045AL5078
  "        100 Ton cylinder mounted on a 24x 16 die set with 13" to 10" opening**$2500 •Yes

Remember if you are interested in buying something on this page, email us at info@modernmachine.com or call us at 408-436-7670

EdlundHeavy Duty power feed floor drill press2F12700
  "       220/440v, variable speed, 2 speed gear head with multi-power quil feeds and AutoStop, 24x22 coolant table**$4000 •No•
Light-heavyweight floor drill press
120/240vac single phase
  "       20", 1hp 18x15 coolant table, step pulley with total of 10 speeds.**$350 •No•
AseaGear Head floor drill press 220v 3 phasePB525818373
  "       100-1500rpm, 2 speed fwd/rev, 8 gears 4hi-4low. 15x15 table rotates/knee type**$1900 •No•
RockwellBench Drill Press 110v~~~~
  "       5 speed 470/780/1300/1950, 1/2hp, 16x20x32 rollaround cabinet**$--- •No•
RockwellFloor Drill Press~~~~
  "       14x11 tilting table$--- •No•
RockwellFloor Drill Press~~~~
  "       14x11 tilting table$--- •No•
RockwellFloor Drill Press~~~~
  "       12x18 coolant table$--- •No•
SpeedAire5HP Air Compressor 220v5Z184B1
  "       single phase, approx.30gal horizontal tank on wheels$220 •No•
Blister Packaging Machine 110v808R808R-002$--- •Yes
Mobile Pallet Truck Cap. lift 2500lbs. 12v battery w/chargerBPS2580823$600 •No•
BridgeportMill - 220/440v, 42x9 table, step pulley, Bidgeport power feedJ100713$2250 •No•
BridgeportMill - 220/440v w/gearbox power feed, 42x9 table, step pulleyJ102758$2250 •No•
Welding Wire1 lb. spools - .045 Dia. 3/64" 5356 Aluminum$6 EACH •Yes
Welding Wire Box of 20 Rolls                        $100 BOX •No•
Welding Wire
3/16 dia. Stick rod 50lb box
1/4 dia. stick rod 50lb box